Graphology and the Law

Handwriting analysis – or graphology as it is also known – for the law is a specialist field that brings together handwriting analysis, law, authentication of documents, and a psychological understanding of the writer and creator of the document.

The Graphology Applications Institute was set up to provide a professional, reliable and quality service in the area of handwriting analysis for the law, and to provide a service to lawyers and clients in all matters related to this complex field.

In order to be considered an expert in the field of handwriting analysis for the law, the graphologist must be trained and have an in-depth understanding in these areas in a manner suited to the legal system. Any other expert opinion will prove lacking and will not accurately reflect the picture of what actually happened at the time the disputed document was created. It is likely to lead to a distortion of justice or an incomplete picture at the time evidence is given.

Graphology Applications was set up by Keren Raveh, a handwriting analysis expert for the law, one of the leading practitioners in this field in Israel.

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About Keren Raveh

Professional training:

תמונה קרן מתוקנתFrom her youth Keren Raveh grew up in the world of handwriting analysis, and it has been her first and foremost profession, in which she has specialised throughout her career.

Following several years of handwriting analysis studies in Israel with the best teachers available, and after taking a BA in Psychology, Criminology and Sociology at Bar Ilan University, she realised that to reach a higher professional level than was standard in Israel, she needed to study at one of the world's leading academies. She thus moved to London for four years, where she was a star pupil at the BritishAcademy of Graphology, which is considered the leader in the English-speaking world.

To earn a living during her studies, she managed the London branch of international graphologist Hannah Koren, obtaining practical experience in the working methods of forensic graphology in the service of the law. At the end of her studies Keren passed her British scientific graphology examinations with Honours and for a further year and a half in London elected to study privately with the finest experts in Europe, to enhance her understanding of handwriting to the very highest levels.

When she returned to Israel, she passed with distinction the certification exams of the Israel Scientific Graphology Association, and as part of special training courses for certified handwriting analysts in Israel Keren obtained official training in document and forgery identification from the president of the American Association of Professional Graphologist. She also took a course for court expert witnesses and studied for a master's degree in law at BarIlanUniversity.

About the work of Graphology Applications:

After a period of professional apprenticeship, Keren set up "Graphology Applications" and during its first years Keren dealt mainly with diagnostic handwriting analysis for commercial bodies, and also taught handwriting analysis with the team of graphologists who worked with her, from the beginner's level up to the certification examinations.

What leads Keren to choose the incidents about which she writes expert opinions is the search for truth and the provision of professional, reliable service to her clients. These include from the world of business, private clients, lawyers, investigators and the courts themselves, which appoint her as their expert.

Writing opinions for the court is done clearly, with examples, enlargements and detailed explanations of how Keren reached her conclusions, in order to provide the most professional and reliable opinion, as required.

The combination of Keren Raveh's wide ranging and in-depth training with her unique humanistic approach facilitates an ability to assess and analyse the most complex cases – even ones that her colleagues have been unable to handle. Examples include examining the state of mind at the time of signing a contract, checking the mental state at the time of writing a will, and other challenging cases as detailed on her website and in articles.

Keren invites you to contact her with questions and requests in her specialist field.

Particulars of my Education and Experience

  • Master of Law (LL.M), Bar-Ilan University, 2010
  • Graduate of the Expert Witnesses Course of the Israeli Institute for Experts Opinion, 2005
  • Expert Witness in the Courts of Law in Israel
  • Graduate of a special course for qualified graphologists, of the American Society of Professional Graphology, in the field of identification of handwritings and forgeries, 2011.
  • Member of the Israeli Society for Scientific Graphology, from 1999
  • Member of the British Academy of Graphology, from 1998
  • Graduate of the British Institute of Graphologists, with merit, 3.5 years of studies, 1998.
  • Graduate of the Aliza Loebstein Private School of Graphology, with honors, 3 years of studies, 1995.
  • Bachelor Degree in Criminology, Sociology and Psychology, Bar-Ilan University, 1995.
  • Permanent lecturer of the Israeli Bar Association in the field of forensic graphology, forgeries in wills, forgeries in Real Estate, etc.
  • Founder of “Yissumim Graphologiim” [Graphological Applications], which deals with identifying handwritings and forgeries, human recourse sorting and compatibility, business matching examination, distress identification, lectures and courses in forensic graphology in the Israeli Bar Association.
  • Manager of the London Branch of Anna Koren, international forensic graphologist, 1996


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